LCFCA and LCWC Policy Review

The following links are short videos where staff from LCWC and members of the Radio Advisory Committee discuss new policies that will be implemented and to review existing polices that may not be completely understood.

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Questions and Answers

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In reference to the additional response of units such as a squad to an incident, which wasn't initially on the incident, and the purpose to minimize radio traffic. Is it capable to allow all units assigned to the Station with one of their primary units currently assigned to the incident in WebCAD Access to add them self to the incident, responding etc. This also holds to to the Duty Officers ability to use Cad if they're not dropped on the incident. Additionally, the same result could occur if statusing of units was capable of being transmitted through the use of the buttons on the radio. This would minimize radio traffic and minimize Incident Commander distraction at a Command Post and still keep the Incident Commander informed of the true number of resources and personnel responding to an incident.

Question From: Dan Wieder Station 11 / Answer From: Ann Weller - LCWC

We have a meeting with our CAD provider tomorrow morning. We will be asking about units being able to self-assign to calls. Using mobile radios to make status changes does not update status in CAD. Using the status updates in WebCAD ensures the dispatchers see the change in status.


Would it be possible if your agency would have a incident that any unit from your agency would be able to change their status AKA respond ,on scene, chat, etc?All apparatus were given log-ins that allow for status changes. If that is not the case let LCWC know.

Question From: Daryl Hoover / Answer From: Dean Gantz

All apparatus were given log-ins that allow for status changes. If that is not the case let LCWC know.


Can you add the chat function to CAD so it is accessible to officers and/or units that aren't assigned to an event?

Question From: Ivan King Station 27 / Answer From: Dean Gantz

We cannot. At this time Chats are only available when units are assigned to a call. Chats associated with a call and are part of the incident record.


Under Emergency Assistance, possibly after #4, the process to reset the radio after activating the emergency button (accidentally or intentionally), should be described, not just referenced.

Question From: Duane Ober Chief 125 / Answer From: Dean Gantz

After the 10 second open carrier, press and hold the emergency button for 1.5 seconds and until the radio beeps and most radios will show on the screen that the emergency is cleared.


Could we have the duty officer dropped on calls, is that usable so that the cad features can be utilized on every call. Our chiefs log into cad and read the comments and could go enroute that way. Unfortunately the way it's set up currently we do not have the capability to do that via cad unless the DO is on it. Can we do that with county? Or is that going to cause any issues? I know we have called over to county via radio and have had them add us but again that uses the radios when we don't need to.

Question From: Chief Kirchner - Station 26 / Answer From: Ann Weller - LCWC

The problem we discovered with dropping DOs (Duty Officers) on calls is that this impacts the timers for all units from that department. The timers alert dispatchers to re-dispatch and replace units dispatched. Having this changed is on our list of requests submitted to our CAD provider.